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Horse Assisted Education activities for people 50+ within " Senior Citizens in action" project cofinanced by Subcarpathian Voievodship.
Esteka Association is going to host 2 volunteers from Turkey - Gulhatun and Burak  to participate in the European Voluntary Service within the Youth Voice EVS project implemented in Poland (Tarnobrzeg) for 6 months beginning from 1.04.2016.
The 2 groups of senior citizens from Tarnobrzeg completed an English course. They mastered their English skills with the use of new technologies, interactive board as well as online tasks to be performed on the e-learning Platformin their free time.
A group of senior participants of the Active Senior Citizen project gatherd in the Esteka Association facilities to learn about health prevention as well as talk about how to support and take care of their personal health.
The historical open air event was held on the 11-th of November in the area of Dzików Castle in Tarnobrzeg. The aim of the show was to commemorate the anniversary of Independence Day of our motherland. You may find some more information, pictures and video footage on Esteka Association Facebook profile. The project was organized by Polish Scouting Association Troop from Tarnobrzeg in cooperation with Esteka Association and cofinanced by Municipality of Tarnobrzeg
The V-th Horse Riding Rally Tarnobrzeskie Lake took place on the 12-th of September. The beautiful, cloudy area of Tarnobrzeskie Lake hosted the horses's fans and competitors of Rally. Below you may see a few photos. If you want more, go to
Esteka Association members took part in in the film shooting  concerning the promotion of Tarnobrzeg.
As a follow up of the successful implementation of ACTIVE SENIOR CITIZEN project realized within the Governmental Programme for Elderly Social Activation we established Esteka Association's SENIOR CITIZEN CLUB. The appointment of the CLUB was held during senior's meeting on January 24 (Saturday), 2015 in Tarnobrzeg, The subject matter of the meeting: 1. Appointment of SENIOR CITIZEN CLUB. 2. A few words about the reasons and aims for setting up of ESTEKA Association. 3. The Association's plans concerning the facilities and activities of Seniors. 4.Minutes of submitted applications for 2015 ASOS Ministry Programme. 5. Supporting ESTEKA member application forms submition. 5 Discussion.  
On the 26 of October there was held a General Reporting and Electoral Assembly of Esteka Association Members W dniu 26 października 2014 r. odbyło się Walne Zebranie Sprawozdawczo-wyborcze Członków Stowarzyszenia ESTEKA. During the meeting the activities of Association within 2011-2014 were reported.
On Suturday, 6th of September the horse riding aficionados met at the banks of Tarnobrzeskie Lake. Esteka Association invited the youth to take part in the 4th Horse Riding Rally Tarnobrzeskie Lake 2014. The participant could present their and their horses skills in three thematic areas:   Created / modified: 2014-09-29 09:45 - Horse Games – skills copmetitions for the youngest participants prepared at the enclosed show course area; Competition Tasks Course – the skills competition for the older participants; Rally Route Competition - 15 km long horses ride along Tarnobrzeskie Lake to reach the checkpoint, which was marked on the map; The Jury after taking into account all the competitions results decided the following order of awarded winners: Within the joined Competitions Tasks Course and Rally Route Competitionn of the IV-th Horse Riding Rally: 1. place Robert Tłuczewicz 2. Barbara Tłuczewicz 3. Michał Korczak Within the Horse Games competition: 1. place Marta Malarz 2. Kinga Grzelak 3. Michalina Gosztyła The horse riders fights performance and horse riding show performed by the members of Horseriding Club „Pebble” operating with Esteka Association made the event even more attractive. The successive edition of the Rally has shown that horse riding is perceived as more and more attractive among the youngest as well as older citizens of Tarnobrzeg- said Janusz Szwed, Chairman of ESTEKA Association. Apart from the group of over 20 riders there were over 100 spectators. The event was arranged so that to present the enchantment of horse riding domain in the most spectacular way. The project IVth Horse Riding Rally was realized by ESTEKA Association with the financial support Tarnobrzeg Municipal Council and Department of Education in Rzeszów.
If you want to take part in the Horse Riding Rally Tarnobrzeskie Lake 2014 there is an application form below.
Welcome to IV Horse Riding Rally Tarnobrzeskie Lake 2014. Tarnobrzeg, The 6th of September 2014. The poster below.
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